I give up…..where IS that “Men Working” “Under Construction” logo anyway??

Some day I’ll get the Under Construction logo up here but…..


Like the title says. “I GIVE UP!!”


I’ve dibbled and dabbled and nibbled and noodled around in a couple of lost blog spaces over the past 3 years but not maintained any of them.



I’ve stuck my toe into the TWITTER over the past couple weeks because my phone made it reasonably easy, and it was something to play with.





I find that a couple things have happened.

First, I can’t seem to express a lot of thoughts in 140 characters, minus the however many characters needed to address the thoughts to the targets…


Second, I find I have an increasing storehouse of rants building and 140 chars at a time ain’t gonna cover it.


PLUS the fact that I need to try my hand at writing to something of a deadline, albeit self imposed.

This is intended to be something of a shared rant-space which also WILL be used at times to help the readers (ok that plural is likely hubritic I guess) to understand the actual shape and configuration of the battlespace in the coming festivities/unpleasantness.


Yes there will be digressions (though some days it may look like one large digression…) and there will be times when one may legitimately wonder where my head has gone to.


We’re also going to be taking a shared trip as I grow more….

AS life shifts from suburbanite to Full Time RVing (likely in the Republic of Texas),

from less than fully employed to retirement, etc.


It’s going to be a journey, likely punctuated with vitriol, rejoicing, and ranting.   Kinda like life inside a blender set to pure`.



Introductions I guess are in order….


I’m an early 60’s male happily married (for forty years in August) to (as ee “Doc” Smith would describe) this delightful creature who decided to spend the rest of her life around me.  I’m not completely sure WHY but I ain’t gonna question it too closely…


My bride and I are committed Christians, who fellowship at our local http://clevelandvineyard.com/  …

My resume describes my employment history as “having a broad experiential base” which I regularly represent as my “checkered past”.

A few of the highlights (the ones I’m proud of) are 30+/- years as a Basic EMT and Paramedic, several years as a computer Systems Analyst, and time as a retailer/retail manager.

There are others, such as a stint as a gandy dancer on a stream reclamation crew, as an early 1970’s hobo and demonstration organizer.  Yes I knew J. F. Kerry as a “Winter Soldier”.  Only difference between us is HE grew OLD and RICH and I grew UP.


There will be more about me and my bride of 40 years as we progress, and I’ll likely get things categorized and such as we go along.   SOME of the posts will be this sort of stream of consciousness because after all it IS a Rant-space first.


And so, since it’s now 0230 it’s time for bed.


Feel free to drop in any time, leave comments, or not.  Understand, though that POLITE comments will survive the winnowing process, impolite comments will either never see the light of day or will be mocked mercilessly.





3 thoughts on “I give up…..where IS that “Men Working” “Under Construction” logo anyway??

  1. ND, I always thought you had potential as a blogger, dating back to the Greenspun days.. I’m bookmarking this place for future perusal.


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