IMMIGRATION – Where to go from here.

Fair warning.

I’m not going to be careful of feelings as we go along.
Just thought you ought to know.

We are now in a “situation” that is very nearly impossible to solve easily. There are so many facets that need fixed.
First, the issue of the illegal immigrants in the country now. Not the first piece to solve, but the first that presents itself for discussion.
I can see how people can believe that there needs to be a path to citizenship and I can be convinced of this but there need to be some specific parameters in place. Citizenship should NOT be an automatic thing. Doesn’t matter how long you have been here you STILL NEED TO GO THROUGH the Citizenship classes, and SWEAR IN as a US Citizen. It MUST mean something.
You need to learn about your country and its backgrounds.
And that education SHOULD still take several years so that Citizenship is an EARNED status.
Social Service “entitlements” MUST BE FOR CITIZENS. Frankly, we simply can’t afford the financial burden of completely supporting immigrants. Nor can we treat all of the varied ailments coming in free.
I could recount pages of reasons why this needs to be addressed.
Waste of time.

Where do we go from here?

First, slam the border shut. No longer can we afford the lovely fiction of the longest unfortified border in the world. It needs to be fortified.
Step one: Put the National Guard on the border to assist the Border Patrol in securing the border.
This actually takes NO legislation to enable it. Our POTUS has a Constitutional DUTY and Responsibility to secure the border. THIS would be an appropriate use of his famous Phone and Pen.
Step 2: Fortify the border. Yes this takes some authorizations for funding.
Yes, the fortifications will take time to build but it should not take more than 3 months if the .mil and civilian sectors join hands to get it done.
Then that border MUST be manned and guarded. You get through the frontier and caught, you go back. No sammichs, no bed, no nothing. Back across right now. It’s past time we had a REAL border.
Once the border is SHUT, we can begin the incredibly difficult, painful, hurtful process of in-processing all of the current resident illegal aliens.

We need to go back to the STANDARDS for Immigration that we have had for decades. Yes, dear reader there ARE STANDARDS that a person needs to pass to be able to immigrate. Health standards, employability, self-supportiveness standards.
If you have legal immigration disabilities you ARE going back where you came from. Until you can clear those disabilities or go through an appeals process.
If you have health issues you have a choice. We transport you back where you came from RIGHT NOW, or you go to some facility set up to deal with your health issues. With TB and drug resistant TB endemic in the immigrating population, as well as in the Illegal resident population, this WILL mean dislocations as you go to some facility some where.
I can forsee the reopening/rebuilding of the Great Sanitaria in Lake Placid, Saranac Lake, and in the Colorado Rockies for TB and such.

In-processing of Illegal residents – – How do we find them and start processing.

Step 1(a): Pre-Identified Voluntary Inprocessing.

This starts with all of the people who have gotten ID’s as “undocumented workers”. They are requested to report for inprocessing exams etc and to start the process. Photo, fingerprint, biometric registration and documents issued, and entry into a Citizenship Class program culminating in the Oath of Citizenship. Failure to complete the Class program yields time certain deportation, no appeals.

Step 1(b): Second wave voluntary inprocessing.

This is for people who are willing to be legally approved as immigrants and placed on the Course track leading to the Oath. Offers are publicized, and processing is just like Wave 1. Same requirements for health, supportability, etc as for Immigration. After all those requirements are REQUIREMENTS.

Step 2: Involuntary Inprocessing.

This is where Civil Libertarians and some Constitutionalists will become enraged.
It involves sweeps, mass arrests and incarcerations to be processed as an Immigrant. This is a very hard thing for people to see as needful. HOWEVER there ARE precedents for this (cf: Nisei). This can be done both effectively and efficiently. Humanely though, perhaps not as much as some would want.

BUT, in order for the borders to be reopened (even in a limited manner) it must be accomplished.
All the requirements of Immigration would obtain, same remedies as above. The same programs would be available to be entered into and the same deportation options would be on the table.

Yes, Involuntary Processing is horrendous. But we’ve made a mistake here in the US. We have allowed our country to no longer be an assimilative entity. Our history has always been that the immigrants brought their strengths to the National Table and they got assimilated into “AMERICA”. Not the border shaped country but the thought bounded entity. This stopped happening when we stopped restricting who came here to live. It started well before the Mariellita Boatlift but that is a point on the path to our current failed enterprise.


This should not be considered as a call to Ethnic Cleansing. It is no such thing. Yes, we need to pull the health issues out and we need to restart the assimilative process.
How important is this?
If we do not get a handle on this and soon, like –oh– last year, we will lose the one thing that makes the US America. We will lose our sovereignty. This is what borders are FOR!


Closing thoughts


Educate yourself on this because it has relevance to this blog entry.
In 25 or less:

“Add as many people as we can to the Public Assistance Rolls in order to ‘Bring The System Down'”


This situation has been allowed to develop. It is now being encouraged and exacerbated. You get to decide what YOU believe as to why.

As for ME, it is being PUSHED until some “Comprehensive Immigration Strategy” can be written which effectively will be NO LIMITS, because, what are we gonna DO with all them that are here ALREADY (WAAAAAAH!)

Remember it is EASY to say “Do THUS!” when one is not going to have to deal with the results of DOING THUS.

Another rant from the backwaters. As always, this is my opinion and mine alone.



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