Ferguson, Helmand Province, USAfghanistan

Bear with me as this may be both profane and slightly racist.


First, let me say that I’ve been watching the twitter versions of what is going on in Ferguson, MO.

The vast majority of the folks in my Timeline all agree that the local LEO’s are making a superb hash of whatever it is they’re trying to do.  The vets are commenting that this is a perfect example of how NOT to do COIN, OR simply Policing.

The experienced police are ashamed.


And I agree,


Having walked both sides of this street, I can tell ya that with police responses like I’ve seen, as a bastard, I’d have my demonstrating people pushing police to respond, knowing (SILENTLY) that I was making martyrs to the Cause, and helping to light up EVERY city with a large black population.  Cinci, looking at you.

Unfortunately with the way this is being handled I might not have to do ANYTHING to get that kind of result.


If I’m doing any predicting (remember my track record….100% wrong) I’d be looking at major responses in support of Ferguson by Saturday night or Sunday.  And at THAT time the fires start and we’re off to the races.   Martial Law here we come!

But that is only my opinion.






Now the likely racist part.

MANY Tweets have been asking where are the 3%ers? Where are the Militias from Bundy Ranch with THIS gov’t over-reach?




MOST of the 3ers are INTENSELY and PRIMARILY concerned over the low info, low income, ghetto, “Knock Out Game” playing, flash mob stealing black folks as OPPOSITION (for ref see http://westernrifleshooters.blogspot.com/2010/07/bracken-cw2-cube-mapping-meta-terrain.html to come up to speed).


Unless something changes you are highly UNLIKELY to see a collection of 3ers showing up in Ferguson.  Not saying NEVER, but highly unlikely.

And that there is why.


Now, to be honest, there is no UNTHINKING racism in that position.  There are TONNES of documented cases of “KNock-Out Game” players, all Black.  Yes they’re primarily Inner City Gangsta-toughs but still, the concern is not auto-knee-jerk-un-thought.


Which is why you are unlikely to see 3ers in Ferguson, MO.


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