“He’s dead, Jim…”

Not exactly dead, just have had real life intervene.

[John Lennon: “Life is what happens while you make other plans.”]

So, since my last kinda-sorta post I’ve had the good fortune to be forced to go back to Texas (YAY) to rescue my motor home from a predatory bank which grabbed a campground that USED to be owned by a family of friends (BOO).  I’ve moved it to a different campground, spent 2.5 months failing at job hunting in the central-West-Texas area (Mineral Wells-Weatherford-Fort Worth) environs, and experienced winter from a Texas perspective.

Yer all as wimpy as what y’all claim are trophy deer (moderate sized German Shepherds with antlers).

I stored the Motorhome in actual storage and pulled out of Dallas at 85 degrees (F) and got home to CLE at about 20, and got 12 inches of snow that night.  I’ve “enjoyed” another 24 inches of snow, and 20 days of BARELY 2 digit positive temps down to 2 digits below zero (F).

Wimps I say. Truly.

I will however admit that 20(F) in a camper can be a tad chilly and will burn a bunch of propane keeping the inside reasonably warm.


The job hunt went not so well, as the one or six positions I was fully qualified for as posted vanished with my aps into the ether…Subtle age-ism or my skills were considered out of date (more’s the pity.  Y’all don’t know what ya’re missing not employing me..Ah well.  Welcome to the No Hubris Zone.)

So I’ve been home for 3.5 weeks and I’m already pining for TX and the folks there.  Even if I didn’t have any where NEAR as much contact this time as long ago. Just another supporting datum for Kerouac’s theorem.  Clearly can’t go home again.

Oh yeah I also have been contributing to http://griddownmed.com/  “Hogwarts School of Grid-Down Medicine and Wizardry” on and off.  I’m going to be better at contributing to them (over “Blue Mud Patriot” or “BMP” signature) as well as writing more regularly here.  I just haven’t had a lot to say lately but that is changing (see next entry “Clicking ON”).

What I started as a needed discipline tool failed miserably at first but, as a special Twitter Homage account says “You aren’t beaten until you STOP getting back up.” I’m getting back up again.

Oh I’ll fall again, likely a bunch of times, owing to the fact that I’m a broken individual, and because life DOES intervene


Yep I got a small ADD issue too, so this sort of stuff happens…


This brings me up to the end of February, from some time in November.

Got a couple things rattling ’round the ol’ noggin for the next few days so stick around.



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