A Little cautionary tale from a RWNJ Gun Nut

There once was a Wednesday in early February.   6 or 7 weeks earlier, Barry 1 had commanded his right hand man, Uncle Joe, to convene a conference of all the “relevant stake-holders” to discuss a pressing social emergency. Just before, there had been a school mass shooting and the “base” was waxing restless, waiting for the long promised SOMETHING to be DONE.

So Uncle Joe had his meetings and then Barry 1 (on Monday) declared that on the next Wednesday he would unveil and sign sweeping “fixes” to the problem, as discussed by all of the “stake holders” with Uncle Joe. Rumors FLEW! The “base” enthused that there would be 23 new Executive Orders which would be Final Fixes to this problem of GUNS!!!
Barry 1 and Uncle Joe preened and pranced in front of the news shills that this would be The Solution.

But, all was NOT QUIET in The Land.

A large group of different sets of people who were “NOT The Base” had been talking for the last 5 – 8 weeks about what Barry and Uncle Joe might be about to do.
And MUCH of that talking started with “Pack your pack, load your magazines, put the pack next to the front door and GET READY TO R-R-R-R-R-R-R-R-R-R-R-UMBL-L-L-L-L-L-L-L-L-L-E!
Now the first 4 – 5 weeks nobody took note of this undercurrent until it finally broke out from the counterculture III% Movement into mainstream blogosphere. And then people started to take note, in a desultory, “Who do these yahoos and low tooth to tat ratio rednecks think they’re going to have (haha) rumbling (hoho) with them, anyway??”
Then someone in the White House decided, just to make sure, you understand, not because they were concerned, to see how big this redneck, bitter clinger froufrou really was.
They started their “little check” on Monday just as Barry 1 announced his triumphal ball-spiking party for Wednesday.
What those worry warts who did the check found was, on Monday night and Tuesday day, an UNBELIEVABLE NUMBER (to them) of people were loading packs into cars and trucks, with guns of all descriptions but mostly Evile Black Assault Murder Rifles, as well as pistols, shotguns, machineguns, bazooka, and pocket tanks and one guy had LAWS and RPG’s n his bus.
These people didn’t have any specific destination except some amorphous “Battleground” on which they were planning killing and dying, though each apparently had lists of legislators and such that they intended to “take care of” before they got to this “battleground”.
When the worry warts got a good look at the projected numbers, and found they would be outnumbered by a factor of 4 or 5 they retired to their restrooms, removed their soiled small clothes, repaired to their bidets for ablutions, and returned to their offices with reports of the bad news for the top people in the White House. The readers of those reports required visits to THEIR bidets, and restoratives, which after imbibing, they prevailed on Barry 1 to rewrite everything he had set up for the next day just so they could live a bit longer.

And Barry 1 was forced to geek again (nothing new for him) and his pronouncements while much ballyhooed were, at BEST, sniveling failures in so far as his Base was concerned but they prolonged his grip on power.

Now Barry 1 doesn’t learn easily, but this particular humiliation managed to teach him a number of lessons.

FIRST was NEVER to telegraph his move against the low tooth to tat ratio rednecks ever again.
SECOND was to fire the worry warts in the White House…or at least try to fire them.
THIRD was to be incremental on his change attacks.

And so now we get to October 2015.

The “Base” is getting VERY restless and vocal again. And people who would NEVER have been mistaken for part of “The Base” are buying in to the “Do SOMETHING” mantra.
He’s not running for office again, so he has no REAL restraints on him.
The Mainstream blogosphere is quiet.
The III% blogosphere is no more vituperative than normal, and CERTAINLY not as exercised as that January and February in ancient history.
(As a matter of fact, MANY of the III%’rs have gone silent or “grey” as they like to call it, making life easier because they aren’t out there READY, WILLING AND ABLE to rouse the low tooth to tat ratio clinger rabble.)
Barry 1 may WELL believe his triumph is nigh. And he may well be ready to unleash the whirlwind because he believes that he can contain and steer it NOW.

There IS a moral to this cautionary tale:

If you have powder, keep it dry.
If you have bulk ammo, keep it dry as well.
If you have bulk ammo and EMPTY mags, WHY THE F&&K ARE THEY EMPTY??
That pack you unpacked that Wednesday in February?
Find it, fill it and set it by the door. We ain’t gettin the same warning as last time!

You have been warned.

Feel free to spread this about.


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